Wednesday, 16 July 2014

DiY Beach Glass Bottles

Here is what you need:
glass bottles
aqua or light blue acrylic paint
paint brush
jute twine
Blend together your sealer and paint.  We used about 75/25, but if you want your bottles to come out more translucent, use even more sealer than paint. (About 90/10)
 Lightly brush your bottle with one thin coat of paint, taking care to get all your brush strokes in the same direction and avoiding drips.  If your kids are helping, this may or may not be possible!  Let dry.
 Brush bottle with a 2nd thin coat of paint, brushing the strokes perpendicular to the first coat’s brush strokes.  Let dry.  If necessary, add a third coat of paint.  Let dry 24 hours.
Lightly sand bottle to give it a more “weathered” appearance, carefully sanding off the paint on the corners to let the clear glass show throw.
Use as is, or, of you feel like it needs a little something more, wrap jute twine around bottle and tie in place.

DiY Beach Glass Bottles. Transform any glass bottle into a beautiful centerpiece with this simple technique.